What is (IRS) Online.pt?

RS Online.pt provides assistance in the execution and delivery of the income tax return for foreigners and
expatriates who need to account for their taxable income in Portugal.

How much does it cost to do the (IRS)?

Doing the (IRS) directly on the Tax Authority Website has no cost!
However, you can do your IRS with the help of our expert team for an associated cost.

What is (IRS)?

It is the tax related to the income of citizens, with some exceptions provided for by law.
Taxable income, family quotient, specific deductions, taxable income brackets, tax deductions,
Specific benefits and collection are the most important terms associated with the (IRS).

Can I file my (IRS) return alone?

You can, but in addition to the time spent, you must be aware that any mistakes can lead to financial losses.
If you do not know how to proceed to make your (IRS) declaration, you can count on our assistance, however,
 for a fair value, which may vary according to the needs of each
people according to their income and investments.

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