Is this a Portuguese government portal?

No. IRS is a private company that assists people in
execution and delivery in the (IRS) income tax return.

Can I do my (IRS) alone?

Yes. Directly on the Tax Authorityl.

What is the deadline to file the (IRS)?

Generally, between April and July of the year following the one due
to declare.

What happens if you don't do the (IRS) within the

This depends on each case. But usually the taxpayer can be the target of
fines and misdemeanors.

How can I do the (IRS)?

You can enter directly on theTax Authorityl and fill in the declaration
of Model 3.
Please note that this declaration has specific annexes (Annexes A to L),
which must be completed according to the income you had in the year
Submission of the Model 3 return without the due (IRS) attachments may
entail the payment of a fine or the loss of deductions. if you have doubts
about which ones to fill in, ask Tax Authority for help. Alternatively, you can request the
assistance from the (IRS) .

What documents do I need to do the

In general, the tax identification number of the declarants, the password of
access to the Tax Authority, and proof of income obtained
in the year to which the declaration relates.

What can happen if I make a mistake on my (IRS)?

As previously reported, delivery of the Model 3 declaration without the
(IRS) attachments due may result in the payment of a fine or the loss
of deductions.

How much does it cost to do the (IRS)?

Our price starts at €79.90, and there may be variations in the value
according to the needs of each taxpayer. In this case, you can request a
budget/quotation via email according to your
needs, income and investments. Remembering that these variations
of values ​​of the service provided occur due to the number of attachments
required to file your (IRS) return.

I'm married, can I do the (IRS) together?

He can. However, you should evaluate whether it is the best option for your case.

How much will I pay the (IRS)?

It depends on several factors: income, investments, deductions and the

What is the (IRS) Settlement Note?

It is the document that demonstrates the calculations made by the Tax Authority and
Customs Office to determine the amount of (IRS) payable or receivable by the

My Settlement score came to zero, which
It means?

It means that there are no more amounts to be paid to the (IRS) (either because the
earnings do not reach the values ​​necessary for the purpose, either because
these values ​​have already been collected during the year in which it refers to